IREEDS and IFRC are developing an academic cooperative project in order to centralize in a single point of access to different sources and types of data and documentation useful for research in Economics and Finance. 

The database covers different areas: economics, commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds, equities, indexes, mutual funds, … for Vietnam and international regions.

This is cloud-based computing platform with 4 interactive tools:

  • Published papers: easily and automatically find published papers using keywords.
  • Data: easy to upload your research data and extract data from the our platform to build customised data
  • Built-in advanced statistical and econometric analysis
  • Web services: make data extraction and automation easier

Values and Benefits of this Platform:

  • First research live platform in the world
  • Single access for all data: multi area (economics, climate, finance, …), multi location (Vietnam and international)
  • Very long history for research: example DJIA from 1896-05-26
  • Reduce your time in searching, data management, modelling
  • Reduce research barriers 
  • Reduce duplicated works
  • Research accessible to more
  • No need local powerful equipment because of Cloud Computing


Some examples and screen captures

By Reference - Example COVID-19 NEW CASES of UNITED STATES
FrontEnd. About 1 million datasets
By Reference - Example COVID-19 NEW CASES of VIETNAM
Visualization World (with/without animation)
Visualization Vietnam (with/without animation)