Viet Ngu Hoang, Associate Professor, PhD


  1. Applied Microeconomics
  2. Applied Econometrics
  3. Industrial Organization

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers) 

  1. Hoang V, Coelli T, (2011) Measurement of agricultural total factor productivity growth incorporating environmental factors: A nutrients balance approach, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 62 (3), pp. 462-474.
  2. Khanal U, Wilson C, Hoang V, Lee B, (2018) Farmers’ adaptation to climate change, its determinants and impacts on rice yield in Nepal, Ecological Economics, 144, pp. 139-147.
  3. Matsumoto S, Hoang V, (2020) Economic loss due to reputation damage: A new model and its application to Fukushima peaches, Journal of Agricultural Economics, 71 (2), pp. 581-600.
  4. Kularatne T, Wilson C, Mansson J, Hoang V, Lee B, (2019) Do environmentally sustainable practices make hotels more efficient? A study of major hotels in Sri Lanka, Tourism Management, 71, pp. 213-225.
  5. Dinh H, Nguyen T, Hoang V, Wilson C, (2017) Economic incentive and factors affecting tree planting of rural households: Evidence from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Journal of Forest Economics, 29, pp. 14-24.


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