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Tuan Anh LUONG, PhD

Dr Tuan Anh LUONG is currently a lecturer of Economics at De Montfort University, Faculty of Business and Law. Tuan Anh LUONG received his PhD in Economics at Princeton University, USA and Master Degree at Paris School of Economics, France.  Previously he was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. His main research and teaching areas are international economics, globalisation, enterprise performance. Currently, Dr. Tuan-Anh is carrying out research projects focusing on the relation between globalisation and innovation activities at firm level, recent methodology estimate profit margin of firms, the link between import policy and export performance. Dr. Tuan-Anh has also taught multiple subjects such as International Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics at De Montfort University (UK). His publications have been published extensively in international refereed journals and presented in conferences around the world.


  1. International economics
  2. Globalisation
  3. Enterprise performance

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers) 

  1. Liu Q., R. Lu, Y. Lu and T. Luong “Import Competition and Firm Innovation: Evidence from China”, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 151
  2. Fan, H. and T. Luong and E. Lai and L. Zhang (2020) “Import liberalization and Export Product Mix” – forthcoming at the Canadian Journal of Economics.
  3. Luong, T. (2020) “Ethnic Diversity and the Quality of Export: Evidence from Chinese firm-level data” – forthcoming at the Journal of Economic Studies.
  4. Luong, T. (2020) “Reopening the economy and food security” – Covid Economics, vol. 56 pp. 195-243
  5. Luong, T. and T. Nguyen (2020) “The impact of ICT on Service Trade” – forthcoming at the Singapore Economics Review.
  6. Luong, T. and T. Nguyen, (2020) ”Globalization and infectious diseases: Evidence on the reproduction rate of the COVID-19 pandemic”, Economics Bulletin, 40(2) pp. 1675-1685.
  7. Luong, T. (2018) “Picking Cherries or Lemons? A unified theory of cross-border mergers and acquisitions” – World Economy, vol. 41(2), pp. 653-666.


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