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Tran Nguyen Ngoc, PhD


  1. Remote sensing;
  2. Processing satellite images and drones;
  3. Ecosystem response to climate change;
  4. Applications of geostationary remote sensing satellites.

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers) 

  1. Ma, X., Huete, A., & Tran, N. N. (2019). Interaction of seasonal sun-angle and savanna phenology observed and modelled using MODIS. Remote Sensing, 11(12), 1–19.
  2. Shen, J., Huete, A., Ma, X., Tran, N. N., Joiner, J., Beringer, J., … Yu, Q. (2020). Spatial pattern and seasonal dynamics of the photosynthesis activity across Australian rainfed croplands. Ecological Indicators, 108(November 2018), 105669.
  3. Shen, J., Huete, A., Tran, N. N., Devadas, R., Ma, X., Eamus, D., & Yu, Q. (2018). Diverse sensitivity of winter crops over the growing season to climate and land surface temperature across the rainfed cropland-belt of eastern Australia. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 254(November 2017), 99–110.
  4. Tran, N. N., Huete, A., Nguyen, H., Beth Ebert, Miura, T., & Ma, X. (2020). Himawari-8 and MODIS comparisons of seasonal vegetation indices over latitudinal Australian grassland sites. Remote Sensing.
  5. Wu, J., Kobayashi, H., Stark, S. C., Meng, R., Guan, K., Tran, N. N., … Saleska, S. R. (2018). Biological processes dominate seasonality of remotely sensed canopy greenness in an Amazon evergreen forest. New Phytologist, 217(4), 1507–1520.


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