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Thong Nguyen-Huy, PhD


  1. Stochastic Analysis and Modelling
  2. Environmental Monitoring
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
  4. Applied Statistics
  5. Geospatial Information Systems
  6. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  7. Sustainable Agricultural Development
  8. Artificial Intelligence 
  9. Geospatial Information Systems And Geospatial Data Modelling

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers)

  1. Ahmed, A. M., Sharma, E., Jui, S. J. J., Deo, R. C., Nguyen-Huy, T., & Ali, M. (2022). Kernel Ridge Regression Hybrid Method for Wheat Yield Prediction with Satellite-Derived Predictors. Remote Sensing, 14(5), 1136.
  2. Nguyen-Huy, T., Kath, J., Nagler, T., Khaung, Y., Aung, T. S. S., Mushtaq, S., … & Stone, R. (2022). A satellite-based Standardized Antecedent Precipitation Index (SAPI) for mapping extreme rainfall risk in Myanmar. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 26, 100733.
  3. Adeyinka, A. A., Kath, J., Nguyen-Huy, T., Mushtaq, S., Souvignet, M., Range, M., & Barratt, J. (2022). Global disparities in agricultural climate index-based insurance research. Climate Risk Management, 100394.
  4. Nguyen, D. B., Nong, D., Simshauser, P., & Nguyen-Huy, T. (2022). General equilibrium impact evaluation of food top-up induced by households’ renewable power self-supply in 141 regions. Applied Energy, 306, 118126.
  5. Ghimire, S., Nguyen-Huy, T., Deo, R. C., Casillas-Péerez, D., & Salcedo-Sanz, S. (2022). Efficient daily solar radiation prediction with deep learning 4-phase convolutional neural network, dual stage stacked regression and support vector machine CNN-REGST hybrid model. Sustainable Materials and Technologies, e00429.


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