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Lan-Anh Thi NGUYEN, PhD

Lan Anh earned her BSc in International Business & Economics from Foreign Trade University and MSc in Financial Markets at Toulouse School of Economics. She is currently a PhD student on a collaborated program funded by NAFOSTED, Vietnam and supervised under INRA Montpellier, France. She has 5 years working experience as a project coordinator and program manager in International Business Faculty, Banking Academy, Vietnam, which tasks require a multi-tasking approach that involve working with legal procedures, administrative procedures, designing of courses, public relation and partner communication.


  1. Business & Economics
  2. Banking & Finance

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers) 

  1. Lan-Anh, N., Manh-Hung, N., Reynaud, A., Simioni, M., Tuan, N. & Viet-Ngu, H. (2021). Economic Analysis of Choices among Differing Measures to Manage Coastal Erosion in Hoi An (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Economics Analysis and Policy.
  2. Lan-Anh, N., Manh-Hung, N. & Tuan, N. (2020). Economic valuation of a coastal erosion program: a case study of Hoi An (in Vietnamese). Asian Journal of Economic and Business Studies.


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