Huu Minh MAI, PhD

Dr. Mai Huu Minh has more than 15 years working and being head of R&D department in the Paris Stock Exchange, Euronext and New York Stock Exchange-Europe and has been professor at many universities and business schools. He is the author of two published books in Finance, as well as over 20 articles and scientific works published in many international economic and financial journals.

He is also Founder and CEO of Intelligence Financial Research & Consulting (IFRC),


  • Financial Markets, Derivatives Markets and Products
  • Portfolio Management, Investment Strategies
  • Indexes Design, Calculation and Management
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Empirical Research in Finance
  • Data Platform, Integration, Big Data

PUBLICATION (Selected Papers) 

  • Transparency and Market Quality, An Analysis of the Effect of MIFID on Euronext, B. Soltani, M. Jerbi and H.M. Mai, Bankers, Markets & Investors, Vol. 123
  • Impact of US macroeconomic news announcements on Euronext exchanges trading, with Stéphane Dubreuille, International Conference of Finance (AFFI, Lyon 2004), International Journal of Business, Winter 2009, Volume 14, Number 2.
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  • Over-reaction Strategies in the French R.M. Stock Market (1977‑1990), Finance, 1995, volume 16, 1.
  • Investments and Dividend Decreases: Market Reactions, with J. F. Malécot, Finance, 1994, volume 15, 2.
  • Informational Value of Managers Earnings’ Forecasts (1984-1990, France), with E. Tchemeni, FinEco, 1994, volume 4, 2.
  • The Treatment of Missing Data in Financial Analysis: the Case of the AFFI-SBF Database, Working paper of CEREG, 9112, with I. Hachette, presented at International Seminar of Finance, Grenoble. A final version of this paper was published in « Recherches en Finance du CEREG », ed. Economica, 1994.
  • Return Distribution: Estimation Difficulties and Empirical Results, with G. Essama, Economie Appliquée, 1994, volume 47, 4.
  • Over-reaction and the Contradictory Strategies in the French Stock Market (1977-1990), « Le marché français des actions », Jacques Hamon et Bertrand Jacquillat, 1992, ed. Presses Universitaires de France.


  • Options, Futures and Exotics Derivatives – Theory, Applications and Practice, with M. Bellalah, E. Bryis et F. de Varenne, ed. John Wiley and Sons