Hironori Arai, PhD

Dr. Hironori Arai is currently working in Centre d’Etude Spatiale de la BIOsphère, France. His research life mission is developing operation applications which supports decision making of local/regional/national decision makers based on digital-twin technologies. His current mission is developing a robust methodology quantifying anthropogenic impacts and evaluating cost performance of adaptation/mitigation measures considering carbon prices in local/regional scale.

Recent research interest is integration of (1) integration of Machin-learning (ML) and data-assimilation (DA) for up-coming radar technologies with different spatio-temporal resolution, (2) Coupling electromagnetic Modeling, hydrological simulation, local-scale irrigation model, and bio-geo chemical models, and (3) development/dissemination of his own low-cost IoT field observation system and its real time now-cast system for local scale precise decision making.

His target region is mainly tropical wetland where is exposed to anthropogenic impacts. E.g., drained tropical peatlands in Indonesia/Malaysia/Vietnam, Mangrove sediment regions in Vietnam and India, tropical lowland where intensive multiple rice cropping is disseminated such as Vietnamese Mekong delta, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.


  1. Machine Learning, IoT
  2. Tropical wetlands, GHGs, biodiversity
  3. Salinity intrusion, rice, peatlands, mangrove
  4. Microwave remote sensing
  5. Data assimilation