1. Forewords 

Institute of Economics, Environment, and Data Science (IREEDS Institute) is a multi-disciplinary research institute founded by leading professors at major universities and organizations around the world. IREEDS Institute was established with a mission to generate a professional ecosystem of international standards in both research and training. 

In the past 13 years, IREEDS has built a sustainable cooperation with a huge number of local and international experts with at least 20 years of experience contributing in the sectors of economics, environment and data science. Our key experts are currently professors in renowned universities, academies, and institutes around the world, having research works published in many prestigious scientific journals and contributing to the policy decision-making in Vietnam and the area.

IREEDS’s research and project span the broad spectrum of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, mathematical economics, environmental economics, environmental protection and climate change, natural resource management, and technology (big data management and machine learning, application of powerful technology tools such as R, Stata, Matlab, GIS). IREEDS also promote the collaboration with a wide range of renowned research institutes, universities and development organizations in Vietnam as well as foreign universities and research centers around the world.

Within our cooperation with local authorities and partners in Vietnam, we have the ability to not only affiliate with experts but also have access in the diverse resource of data in various sectors, especially in social-economics, environment, climate, etc.. which play the crucial role in research and project implementation. Meanwhile, our network of data analyst is capable to build online research platforms and exercise project data management efficiently and constantly. With the capability of conducting comprehensive and multi-dimensional research as well as the network of leading experts in economics, environment and data science, IREEDS has been contributed to the public policy development of Vietnam. 

2. Institutional status

An institutional status and a scientific research certificate number C-33/2017/ĐK-KH&CN was registered with the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, authorizing Institute of Research in Economics, Environment and Data Science (IREEDS) as an independent body capable of conducting, coordinating and managing research and projects in the following majors: Data Science, Computer Science, Natural Science, Economics and Business Relationships, and Environmental Science – Social Aspects.

3. Research Area 

Cluster 1. Finance, Banking and International Trade

Cluster 2. Environmental & Ecological Economics

Cluster 3. Statistics & Data Science

Cluster 4. Economic Theory & Public Policy